Small, Scalable, Performant.
LightCube OS is designed to do one thing, and do it well.
A Web Application Server

doesn't need to provide a desktop environment, tools for printing or a host of other software unrelated to serving up web applications. What it does need is to be reliable, fast and easily scaled.

LightCube OS doesn't try to be all things to everyone by creating a package for every possible use scenario. Instead, it focuses on those who want to use the power of Linux and Open Source Software where it shines the brightest: providing solid web-based services.

Does Size Matter?

One of the core aims of LightCube OS is to be lightweight. This means having a small storage footprint as well as a small executable size. But given that hardware capacity has increased while its cost has lowered substantially, is such a focus on small size still important? Absolutely.

To be truly scalable, an application and its underlying system need to be as efficient as possible. As one scales, resource consumption, as well as operating costs of those resources, quickly adds up. Additionally, management of machine images becomes cumbersome when they are unnecessarily bloated.

LightCube OS therefore focuses on the most common uses and requirements of a scalable web server and aims to keep things very light and tidy. Making use of like-minded software, such as musl libc adds to the savings.

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