Congrats 10gen on a great event. It was a huge cheer for MongoDB.

During and after the event you can see the strong acceptance of Mongo from the NYC tech community. There are several big names and budding start-ups that have already jumped right in with MongoDB and I don’t see this trend letting up anytime soon.

So why the blog? I gave the talk on MongoDB and PHP Development. Yes, it’s an exciting topic! Don’t you click away and give LightCube a high bounce rate.

Looking back, I took a real cursory path on both topics. That’s not a bad thing but I feel its time to dig a little deeper. If given the opportunity to speak again I’ll probably present more complex examples of how I and others have changed the “M” in LAMP to MongoDB. If you haven’t already clicked play jump to slide 23 and about 10:20 in the video for the “juicy” part. That’s where I talk about creating a simple blog with theĀ RADĀ PHP Framework Lithium and MongoDB. Otherwise, don’t miss my Yankee Stadium reference and the Magento EAV whack in the first few slides.

If you wanted video of the whole event go here –

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