Live from NYC!

It was a wonderful day at the Joomla! Developer Conference. ┬áKeeping to my usual style I took notes in MindMap. I’m sharing as a PDF in case you would like to click some of the links or copy some of the text. Feel free to share any comments.

Joomla Dev ConferenceNYC

A big thanks to all who organized and presented. We at LCS really enjoyed it and look forward to the next few months as Joomla! 1.6 becomes solidified.

We at LCS attended the first Joomla Day NYC event!

There were quite a few nifty things I picked up from the event that I have to investigate and incorporate into my bag of tricks. The first and major investigation point looking back is MongoDB which was brought up by Mitch Pirtle in “Expert- Extension Development” session. The other cool points you’ll have to pick up via the Mind Map that I’ve attached. Yes, its messy and “organic” but that’s what a Mind Map is all about.

Joomla Day NYC Mind Map